3 Times We Benefit From Wrist Wraps

April 21 2021 – Matt Lawson

3 Times We Benefit From Wrist Wraps

3 Times We Benefit From Wrist Wraps

When we are exercising on the day-to-day, we want to be working hard. It is common to have those days where we feel weak, tired, or just don’t want to be there. Then there are other times where we feel like a beast. Trying to lift the heaviest weights we humanly can, aiming to out-perform the last session. 

These scenarios can possibly cause a chain reaction and bring you down a notch. We never want to experience this. Nobody does. Wrist wraps can help us avoid these scenarios if we know when is the best time to use them. We need to plan accordingly for our lifts, whether they are going to be bad or good. Here are the three scenarios you will want to take into consideration using our supportive wrist wraps. 

1. When we are feeling weak

    When we are feeling fatigued at the gym maybe because of a lack of sleep, stress, or just have yet to eat; we want to plan accordingly. A good program, sure. The only thing we want to be mindful of, is being AWARE. If we are lifting like we do when we are at our best, there can be accidents. Fatigue can make you less aware of your body’s positions, movements, and area around you. Too often it is seen where people drop the weights on themselves when dumbbell benching, have cranked their wrists due to lack of strength or stability in the joint, or lack of grip strength. Our Kottos wrist wraps will be able to help mitigate that obstacle most people experience in their lifting careers. Providing stiffness to the joint, allowing you to focus more on the bigger muscles and less on the intricacies around it (when feeling fatigued) will give you less worry, and more focus on the task at hand.

    2. When we are feeling strong

      Sometimes we like to believe that since we are feeling great that we are superman. Remember we are all human beings and nobody is superman aside from the man, myth and legend himself. We go for those PRs left and right and there is a likelihood that ONE of these could make you take 10 steps back. If you slip up just once, injury can be opening a door to more rest days, more rehabilitative exercises, and less “Beast Mode” events for a couple weeks. Let’s avoid that altogether. Wearing our Kottos wrist wraps can allow your joints to stack more properly, give you less worry about one of the weaker points in your lifts, and HELP you put on the extra lbs in your bench or squat. 

      3. When things hurt

        I know, lifting when you have wrist or forearm pain sounds ridiculous, right? Not necessarily. The common term used in the medical field of Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate (R.I.C.E) has sure been in your head when these kinds of things arise. The fact of the matter is we want to move when things are hurting (to some extent). Ice is just a way to reduce the pain, but does not solve the problem whatsoever. Allowing our muscles to move and increase blood flow to the area is our solvent. Wrist wraps can help alleviate some tension that could be building in the wrists or forearm from carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, golfer’s or tennis elbow, etc. This will allow you to continue to move and practice the movements necessary to be done to help progress you to the next step, which is a more pain-free life! Consult your Physical Therapist prior to exercise, though. 

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