Kottos Wrist Wraps For Carpal Tunnel

As a business focused on fitness, we were surprised to learn that our wrist wraps were doing more than just helping weightlifters reach a new personal best or get those extra reps. Upon generating quite a few reviews on Amazon and receiving direct feedback, we began to see customers using our wrist wraps to relieve carpal tunnel symptoms!


So we began to do research and even offered up a few sets of wrist wraps to users of a Carpal Tunnel support Facebook group. We spoke to these users directly after a trial period and were able to get more direct feedback. We found that more than half of these professionally diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome trial users found significant relief by wearing our wrist wraps. 


Here’s some of the positive feedback we received from Carpal Tunnel FB users:

The thumb strap is really helpful. I think that's the biggest difference from other braces/wraps. They are great!! I love that they have different colors available too.” - Sydney L. from the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief FB Group

The following trial user requested a set of wrist wraps for her 84 year old grandmother who was  diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and would oftentimes be brought to tears by the pain. (And unfortunately is not well enough for surgery.)

“She didn't have to take her pain meds or use her biofreeze in the middle of the night like always. She took them off this morning and said her hands began hurting again, so she put them back on and the pain went away. She said she still has numbness and tingling but they don't hurt!” - Angela from the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief FB Group


Does Wrapping Your Wrist Help Carpal Tunnel?

As feedback has presented itself, we’ve learned that those diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome have also seen benefits. While it’s very easy to find carpal tunnel wraps or braces at your local pharmacy, people with carpal tunnel have creatively found relief by adopting a product that is primarily for bodybuilders and fitness addicts. The reason people are finding relief seems to be the thumb strap that is sewn into our wrist wraps.


Our Feedback Matches The Opinion of Dr. Zannakis of Carpalrx.com

Dr. Zannakis of carpalrx.com has also had the opportunity to test out Kottos wrist wraps and compare against common pharmacy over-the-counter wraps. He found that most OTC products use a “palmer spine”. (This is the hard plastic strip that immobilizes your wrist) This plastic spine puts pressure on the area of the hand/wrist responsible for carpal tunnel symptoms. You do not want pressure! Kottos wraps do not have this spine.

Dr. Zannakis also mentioned that Kottos wraps are effective because of the thumb strap that allows the bones surrounding the carpal tunnel to become separated, providing relief. (Similar to the feedback we received from our trial users)


Interested in trying out a set of wrist wraps for your carpal tunnel symptoms?

We’re trying to get as much feedback as possible from those diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome to see how Kottos wrist wraps can help. For this reason, we’d love to offer you a set of wrist wraps at a discounted price.


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