What is Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training?

BFR training is a more up and coming exercise technique being used in all walks of life to develop muscular strength and size, all while using less than HALF the weight!!!

This training method requires a Blood Flow Restriction Band to wrap around the top of the limb(s) tight, as to “restrict” blood flow.


A Few Notes on BFR Training:

o   We are not cutting off circulation!! The BFR bands are used to restrict venous return. Blood is still entering the limb through arterial flow, but the returning blood is spending a little extra time around the working muscle cells.

o   Like a sponge, the muscle fibers being recruited will “soak” up all the built-up nutrients, resulting in increased muscle growth and decreased recovery time.

This is one of the safest forms of training, with reduced stress on the joint and non-contractile tissues, minimizing tissue damage.


How do I do it?

Strap-on our Kottos BFR Bands at the top of the limb(s) being worked.

On a scale of 1-10 regarding tightness, they should be sitting at the top of your limb(s) at about a 7. If there is any tingling or numbness, you have them too tight. You will be using 30-50% of your 1 Rep Max! To achieve the best results, perform your exercises for 2-3 sets of 15-30 repetitions, with short rest times from 30-60 seconds. When completing your workout, use the clips to detach the BFR bands! Workouts should only range between 5-15 minutes. This training style is best performed 2-3 times a week AT MOST.


Why should I use this if I don’t want to build muscle?

First off, everybody should want to build muscle. The benefits of strength training range from increased metabolism and muscular strength to improved cardiovascular health and brain function. But if you believe that BFR training is JUST for building muscle and that it is not for you, here are some other benefits from practicing BFR training.

  • Less weight = less stress on your joints. If you experience any arthritic or inflammatory pain in your joints, you can get more benefit from lifting lighter while using Blood Flow Restriction training while sacrificing some of the aches and pains you may be haunted with when entering the gym.
  •  One of the safest forms of strength training and hypertrophy training. Joint stress and non-contractile tissue damage is minimized…a.k.a, less chance of injury.
  • This style of training is used to help develop more muscle strength and size in post-op settings too! Patients coming off ACL/PCL or other surgical procedures that require strengthening the muscles around the operated area have been treated with BFR to increase local muscular strength and endurance! 



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